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6 Amazing Facts about Barn Owls

August 2021 - Michael Treeves

Barn Owls are fascinating creatures. Here are some facts you probably didn't know about them!

A squirrel on a patch littered with autumn leaves

1. How much does a Barn Owl eat?

A wild Barn Owl usually eats about 4 small mammals every night, that’s 1,460 per year!

2. What sound to Barn Owls make?

Barn Owls screech – they never hoot (that’s Tawny Owls).

3. Do Barn Owls partner for life?

Barn Owls are normally monogamous, however there are some incidents of bigamy, in which one male is coupled with two females.

4. Do Barn Owls nest in barns?

In England barn owls are far more likely to nest in trees than in barns.

5. What do Barn Owls do when threatened?

When Barn Owls are threatened, they lower their heads, stretch their wings, and sway from side to side while making a growling sound. Toe-dusting is the name for this defensive action.

6. When do Barn Owls hunt?

Though they typically hunt in the dark, it’s not unusual to see barn owls hunting during the day, particularly in mid-winter, or when they have chicks to feed.

Twyla, our Black Barn Owl Bubo, our White Barn Owl

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